This hypnotic meditation is designed to create empowering patterns in your mind. Activating strong visualizations that activate a sense of being grounded and clear in your vision. This hypnotic meditation will guide you through a relaxation, reinforcing a connection to yourself from a powerful way.

This hypnotic meditation will support you to create an empowered mindset, attracting nourishing and supportive experiences in your life so you can blossom. This is a powerful and motivating hypnotic meditation that will inspire you to create your most magnificent life, clear and aligned with your life vision.

This is great meditation that will guide and reinforce your ability to step in to your greatness, increasing inspiration, wellness and a sense of greater purpose. Allow this meditation to remind you of the unlimited power you have within you.

When used regularly you will become clearer in your intentions, your life vision and your ability to live an inspired life. It will improve your sense of wellbeing.

Introduction: 3:44 mins

Meditation: 24:19 mins

Total Duration: 28 mins

Author: Kalí Alfaro

Music by Simon Kurieita 

Price: $20.00