Mini Healing Retreat

Ended — Yogatime

A weekend of healing and joy right at your doorstep. The Mini-Healing Retreat is an oasis for your mind, body and soul. You are invited to rest in a warm and nurturing space where you can rewire your cells and flush out the winter stagnation.


Seven Sisters Festival

Ended — Bay Park

Seven Sisters Festival is a 3 day festival for women exploring sense of community, connection and transformations through workshops, creative arts, healing, markets, food and drinks.


Stories We Tell

Ended — Sydney, Melbourne, Broome, Perth

Stories We Tell is a project that aims to connect Indigenous peoples of Australia and Latin America through the sharing of their music. Through this universal language, music has the unique capacity to bring people of different cultures together. In this project music is the medium that enables a profound exchange of cultural identities, enhancing and strengthening their rich diversity while discovering stories that we have in common, the Stories We Tell.