A hypnotic meditation to create your ideal life. This meditation will guide you to release all limiting mental blocks that are stopping you from creating a truly fulfilling life.

A combination of powerful hypnotic visualizations & techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind for greatness. Activate your capacity to create an empowered mindset where you can improve the image of your life in your mind’s eye.

When used regularly this meditation will support your ability to release limiting belief patterns, negativity and fears that hold you back. It will reinforce positive, encouraging and empowering thought patterns where you can create the image of your ideal mind in deep meditation. This is a very effective and pleasant technique to activate greatness in your mind.

Introduction: 3:44mins

Meditation: 42 mins

Total Duration: 45:44mins

Author Kalí Alfaro

Music by Simon Kurieita

Price: $30.00