Kalí Alfaro

Kalí is a Perth based Psychologist and Hypnotherapist working in private practice. Kalí holds a Master in Health Psychology, has extensive training in clinical hypnosis from leading experts in Australia, Chile, Canada and USA. She is also trained in CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model), a brain based technique used for attachment, trauma and personal development.

Kalí’s focus is on combining neuroscience with heart centered and spiritual practice in a warm, professional and highly effective manner. Kalí’s fascination with the human mind, heart and conscious evolution creates a holistic experience to connecting with others and empowering them with effective techniques.

Her passion to help people connect to their true self  is her driving force. Kalí is a Spanish speaking psychologist that provides a service to the Hispanic population around the globe. Her mission is to show you how to let go of negativity in your life, achieve a strong sense of wellbeing and lead a loving meaningful life.

Kalí has helped many children and adults achieve healing results using scientific and heart centered techniques. Striving to be of service for the betterment of humanity through healing and conscious evolution.

“I welcome you to invest in a healing journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Write the story of your life the way you deserve to live.”