POWERFUL DAY-Hypnotic Meditation

This hypnotic meditation is designed to create powerful programs in your subconscious mind to create your day with intention. It will guide you through a relaxation, a process of elimination of self-sabotaging & negative patterns to reinforce your ability to create from a space of internal strength and power.

This hypnotic meditation will guide you to create a personalised control room in your mind where you can lower negativity and increase more positive and empowered states. It will reinforce your ability to be more confident, create your mindset with strong and positive self-belief.

This is a great meditation to get you ready for you day, creating your day with powerful intentions, strong emotions and feeling you can be more abundant and allow beneficial experiences to unfold easily and powerfully.

When used regularly it will boost your self confidence, sense of wellbeing and get you ready to create an empowered mindset to set you up for your day.

Introduction: 3:44mins

Meditation: 21:20mins

Total Duration: 25:04mins

Author: Kalí Alfaro

Music by Simon Kurieita

Price: $20.00