Urban Healing Retreat-Abundance & Self Love

Ended — The Yoga Clinic

Welcome to the Urban Healing Retreat-Abundance & Self Love

In this mini retreat you can expect to be guided with profound and gentle hypnotic visualisations that will allow you to have a deeper connection with yourself tapping into your heart space and allowing a flow of abundance to be experienced. Kalí will guide you through powerful techniques aimed at increasing your internal connection in a positive and loving way, allowing you to tap in to greater abundance of positivity in all areas of your life. Kalí  will share some daily practices that are aimed at decreasing fear and negativity in your minds and lives so you can work towards becoming your best self and activating you highest potential. There will be a strong focus on improving your internal environment of thoughts, feelings and imagination in order to create a more abundant life in positive and empowering ways.

Come and enjoy an afternoon of relaxing and powerful techniques that will have a significant impact upon your subconscious mind and your well being.

Date & Time



The Yoga Clinic
2/220 Carr Place, Leederville


Kalí Alfaro