Hypnosis Article

Clinical Hypnosis, what it’s about and what it’s good for

About Clinical Hypnosis

Fears, anxiety and lack of confidence are some of the numerous problems with which we must deal with in our daily lives; symptoms that are often exacerbated by the demands of everyday living and society. These symptoms and many more have often resulted in overmedication at times, providing temporary solutions, simply blocking the sensation of unhappiness or anxiety instead of dealing with the root of the problem directly.

One of the treatment techniques which has been most efficient in treating these symptoms is clinical hypnosis. When hypnosis is applied in a clinical setting by a qualified mental health practitioner, it can be a very powerful and effective treatment modality.

How does it work?

Hypnosis deals directly with the deepest programming of the subconscious mind which stores all our memories, phobias, thought and emotional patterns, our feelings, personality and overall programming of our daily functioning. When dealing with the subconscious mind you can directly begin to treat and eliminate the limitations a person has developed over the years or a result of a direct situation.

For example you begin to process and eliminate negative thought patterns, destructive behaviours and emotional blockages that hinder a person’s development, essentially doing a deep “emotional cleanse”.

Whilst working with, processing and eliminating these psychological limitations you begin to work directly with the programming of the person’s inner most being boosting important aspects of a person such as self-esteem, confidence, and positive thought patterns.

By working with these aspects of a person’s psychological make-up, you’re ensuring that the changes will be long lasting and supported by the emotional reinforcement that is done during hypnosis.

For example, social anxiety has a significant component related to low self-confidence, so you’re not only working with the social phobia itself but with the reasons behind it, working in a holistic manner.

By doing this, you’re working with the entire person’s subconscious programming creating long lasting changes by enhancing a variety of aspects of the individual’s mind improving the person’s entire wellbeing.

Pain Management

Hypnosis has also been used for centuries in the treatment of pain management, a very important aspect in today’s society where most people experience pain on some level due to sedentary lives and increasing report of illness.

By dealing and managing pain we begin to enhance the control and connection between body and mind increasing the person’s awareness of their bodies, and how they can improve their physical as well as their psychological health.

Performance Enhancement

Performance enhancement is also an area that is commonly treated with hypnosis, whether that is enhancing your cognitive abilities, problem solving capacities or sports enhancement.

Performance enhancement works directly with the individual’s belief systems, self-esteem, self-confidence, training the brain to visualize situations positively. By working directly with belief systems you begin to work with limiting thoughts, feelings, and self-sabotaging behaviours, increasing sense of control and desired outcomes.

Hypnosis has been proven to be a safe and enjoyable treatment modality that is fast, effective and has long lasting results.