CALM & CLEAR Meditation

A short hypnotic meditation to allow you to quickly let go of stress, negativity and tension. This meditation will guide you to eliminate negativity gently, quickly and easily. It will reinforce states of calmness, clarity and feeling grounded in your body.

This is a short meditation that you can use to get ready for your day, unwind from a day or simply as a quick ‘pick me up’ to give you a positive boost.

A combination of carefully crafted words along with visualizations will guide you along the way to assist you in releasing negativity and increasing a sense of wellbeing.

When used regularly this meditation will support your ability to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing and improve daily resilience.

This meditation is to not to replace any medical treatment, it is to be used alongside it. Only use this meditation when in a calm, safe space, preferably where you will not be disturbed. Never listen to a meditation whilst driving or using any machinery.

Meditation 11 mins

Author Kalí Alfaro

Music by Simon Kurieita

Price: $10.00