ACTIVE CREATION-Moving Meditation

This hypnotic meditation is designed to create an empowered and motivated mindset whilst walking or exercising. It will guide you through positive affirmations to support your ability to connect to your body, feel strong, confident and empowered. It has been created with upbeat music and motivational tones to get you into a truly inspired space.

You can use this meditation as a quick way of starting your day to feel motivated, positive and feeling amazing or you can use it to accompany in your favourite exercise routine. The combination of energising music, along with powerful affirmations will help you to create  a strong mindset for an energised and positive experience.

When used regularly, you will begin to create a stronger, alert and powerful connection to your body, a positive mindset whilst exercising allowing you to create a beautiful mindset. It will motivate you to feel more excited, empowered, connected and energised whilst boosting your self confidence with every step.

Introduction: 3:44 mins

Meditation: 20:00 mins

Toal Duration: 23:44 mins

Author: Kalí Alfaro

Music by Simon Kurieita

Price: $25.00